• Designed by one of the great fathers of industrial design, Mr. Raymond Loewy. RL designed many iconic shapes and forms we all know and love, like the Air Force One, Shell GAs logo, Lucky Strikes packaging, and much more. This car is the epitome of early 1950’s Jet-Age design. Looks like it is taking off even when sitting still. Great greenhouse, tons of room and great visibility. Would make a wonderful Derelict or Reformer.
  • Socal since new! One family owned it since day one!
  • Great details everywhere, yet clean and simple.
  • Almost looks like it wants to go backwards!
  • Such great lines.
  • We could have fun with fabric and leather designs here.
  • Watch out Mr. Jetson!
  • Very similar design to his famous Frigidaire refrigerator handle....
  • Let's do it up!