The concept for ICON was born in response to the direction I had seen the collector market heading. As demands and expectations on classic cars grew so did the desire for modern performance married to classic styling. I not only took note, I took action.

In 1996 my wife Jamie and I started TLC, now the nations leading Land Cruiser Service center, to provide sales, service, parts and restoration services to the Land Cruiser community. As our global reputation grew, I began to work as a consultant for Toyota, and TLC started developing special projects for Toyota ranging from outfitting vehicles for special events to, at one point, being asked by Mr. Toyoda to build three running and driving prototypes, which ultimately became the 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser. Our original prototypes paid direct homage to the Land Cruiser tradition, even more so than the exciting new FJ Cruiser. This design departure (from our existing prototypes) prompted the question, if I was to revisit the FJ40 design my way, how would I do it?

The actualized results of a strong commitment to tradition, obsession with modern design, and unrelenting need to achieve performance excellence is what today is known as the ICON. This vehicle without peers, is built for a journey without boundaries.

Starting with the FJ series, then the BR and TR, Jamie and I have continued expanding and exploring innovative designs on a wide variety of vehicles, and we have been blessed to find an audience that has not only appreciated our work but demanded more.  Today the majority of our custom builds are two wheel drive vehicles, again with classic styling, modern performance, and timeless utility.

Without the support of enthusiasts and patrons like you, such extreme expressions of design and function would never have been possible.

Thank you for your support,

Jonathan & Jamie Ward

ICON is a US based privately owned company. We are a California bonded dealership and service facility, registered with the Bureau of Automotive Affairs, and SEMA members. Dun and Bradstreet rated.